Web Site Optimization Tips
Web Site Optimization Tips

Dr. Dave’s Web site optimization tips:

1. Include Meta data in the keywords, title and description
2. Know what keywords you are targeting and use them in the Meta data and repeat them in the content.
3. Put more emphasis on targeted keywords by using them in headlines and subheads
4. Reinforce the importance of targeted keywords by making them bold face and/or underlined.
5. Include targeted keywords in your link structure by using them in hyperlinks
6. Do not embed targeted keywords inside images and Flash animations because spiders can’t crawl and index them.
7. Keep the layout clean and functional. Resist the temptation to cram everything onto one page.
8. White space is your friend – it makes the site look more professional and easier to navigate.
9. Include a site map
10. Include targeted keywords in the names of images and also in the alt text associated with images.

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