Everything I ever needed to know about marketing, I learned from fishing.

You won’t catch anything unless you have a line in the water.

The more lines you have in the water, the better chance you have of catching something.

If you have too many lines in the water, you can get tangled up.

How far you cast doesn’t matter as much as where you cast.

Fish are smarter than you think. You have to earn the fish’s respect.

Most fish hang out in schools.

Some days the fishing is better than others.

Weather can affect fishing.

You have to be persistent and you have to be patient.

You have to be disciplined.

Some people are better at catching fish than others.

If you see someone catching fish, find out what they are using for bait.

There is no such thing as “bad fishing.”

Fishing costs money.

Get your license.

Don’t give the Game Warden any reason to write you a ticket.

Learn from other fishermen.

The better you are at working the lure, the better your chances of catching something.

Practice improves your chances. It takes more small fish to make a meal, but they are easier to catch.

Catching large fish requires more time, effort, expertise and better equipment.

Sometimes that big fish is right under your own dock.

Not all fish are keepers.

A friend with a net is a tremendous asset.

Just because you have all the attire and equipment doesn’t mean you’re going to catch anything.

If it were easy, everyone would be catching their limit.

Fish bite for different reasons: hunger, anger, habit, instinct.

It’s frustrating when you can see the fish, bounce the bait on their nose and they still don’t bite.

Fish are less likely to bite when they are spawning.

Timing counts. Time of year. Time of month. Time of day.

It’s more complicated than most people think, but it’s not beyond most people’s grasp.

Different fish respond to different baits.

In many cases you have to cast in front of a fish five or six times before they bite.

Luck is a huge factor, but a good fisherman makes their own luck by developing a keen eye for opportunity and by being persistent and patient.

If one bait isn’t working, try another.

Keep trying different baits until you get results.

Give a bait a chance to work before you give up on it.

Maybe it’s not the bait, but how you are presenting it.

Sometimes making a splash is a good thing, and sometimes it is not.

Shiny things attract attention.

Fishing is often a battle to get attention.

Movement attracts attention.

Noise attracts attention.

Smells attract attention.

Some colors work better than others.

Some fish are leery and get scared off easily. Some fish are smarter than others.

Big fish often get big by being smarter, and you have to work harder to catch them.

When you are fishing, every day is a new day.

The best fisherman are those who love the sport the most.

Fishing can be a cold, lonely, wet and miserable experience at times.

Fishing can be addictive. Be safe.

Take life jackets and don’t be foolish.

Take care of your fishing hole and try leave it better than you found it.

A bite doesn’t count as a catch.

A lot of fishermen tell tall tales so be careful of what you believe.

One idiot can ruin the fishing for everybody.

Reading books and magazines on fishing will give you an edge.

Some fish are so big they can pull you in.

Some fish will eat you.

You need to wear a fish out before hauling them in or you risk breaking your line.

Snags are a pain and can be expensive.

Be prepared – you never know when you are going to come across a good fishing hole.

Sometimes your spouse gets mad because you spend so much time fishing.

Different types of fish live in a community and when you understand their relationship to each other, you have a better chance of catching what you want.

Check your bait frequently.

Pick the weeds off your lure frequently.

Getting up early and staying up late is all part of the process. It’s not for everyone.

The more you work at it, the better you become.

Sometimes one good bite can start a feeding frenzy.

Getting there is half the fun – enjoy the trip!

Teaching someone else how to fish is rewarding to you.

Some fish taste better than others.

Learn to bait your own hook and take your own fish off our line. Set your drag.

The sun will come up again tomorrow and along with it, another opportunity to catch fish.

Sometimes the big one gets away. Sometimes you catch the big one that got away.

Catching bait can be as much fun as catching fish.

Sometimes you cast for hours before getting a bite. Sometimes you cast for hours and never get a bite.

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