Brand mascots are extremely powerful marketing tools. Think of what the Jolly Green Giant did for canned vegetables. What would Pillsbury be without the Doughboy? Would anyone know who Aflac was if it weren’t for the duck quacking their name all over the place? Would McDonald’s be as successful as they are if it weren’t for Ronald McDonald? Would you know who Giecko was if it weren’t for the little green Gecko?

There are many examples of successful brand mascots, and there have been some flops too. So how do you tell if one is right for your company? There is a series of articles at Toons4biz that will help you find answers. Read about the Do’s and Don’ts for marketing with a brand mascot. Learn what type of companies, products and services benefit most from brand mascot marketing, and which type of products are not best marketed using a brand mascot.

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