Marketing Services

While other agencies depend heavily on a loose-knit group of freelancers, our talented in-house staff has a wide and robust set of skills which enables us to hit deadlines, control costs, and maintain tight controls on quality and messaging. Whether […]


Gathering photographs for a new art show.

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Web Site Optimization Tips

Dr. Dave’s Web site optimization tips: 1. Include Meta data in the keywords, title and description 2. Know what keywords you are targeting and use them in the Meta data and repeat them in the content. 3. Put more emphasis […]


Consider a Brand Mascot for Your Company

Brand mascots are extremely powerful marketing tools. Think of what the Jolly Green Giant did for canned vegetables. What would Pillsbury be without the Doughboy? Would anyone know who Aflac was if it weren’t for the duck quacking their name […]


Great source for custom line art illustrations

Sometimes all you need is a clean black and white illustration. No color. No shading. Just clean, crisp black lines that accurately represent what you want to show. Line illustrations are great for technical manuals and instructions because they reproduce […]