Web Site Design
Your Web site gets you found; makes your first impression; positions your brand; and tells your story – it’s the cornerstone of your marketing, and it’s critical to get it right. A well designed Web site communicates at-a-glance, is easy to navigate, and gives prospective customers a positive experience while leading them down a prescribed path to convert them into paying customers.

Having your site show up on page one of organic searches is critical, yet the days of “build it, and they will come” are long gone. Driving targeted traffic is a multifaceted discipline. Google calculates more than 200 different factors in its algorithm when determining Pagerank, and where a site shows up in organic searches. Meta data, link structure and content provide search engines with a clear map telling spiders how to index your site so it shows up when prospects are searching during their time of need.

We employ a variety of tactics proven effective over 15 years of Web design. The process is an art, a science, and an exercise in selling. Call us for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your site right now. 816.366.0199.

Below are links to a few of our sites:
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Content Management Systems (CMS)
We design Web sites so our clients can get in and make changes without our involvement. We’re glad to help, but we recognize there are times when it’s faster and easier for you to do it yourself. We’ll even provide training for you, and your staff, on how to make edits.

Our CMS solutions work across virtually every platform, and can be implemented on an existing site, or be part of a new site design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Your Web site is like real estate. Location is critical, and by that, we mean location in organic searches. A Web site that shows up at the top of page one is like owning Boardwalk in Monopoly. It’s golden! Well executed SEO is critical to search engine rankings, but it is complicated by the fact that Google looks at over 200 factors when its algorithm analyses your site to determine where it’s going to show up, and how relevant it is in relationship to a variety of keywords.

There are a lot of SEO specialists that promise you page one ranking, but what they don’t tell you is that it is only for a long tailed key phrase that won’t do you much good. For example, if you are in the business of HEPA vacuums, they might get you to the top of page one for a search using the exact phrase “HEPA vacuum lead abatement,” but it would only deliver results when those four words are used together, hence the position would not do you as much good as simply the phrase “HEPA vacuum.” Misguided long tail key phrases can also hurt your Pagerank, leading search engines away from indexing your site under topics that are really important to your success.

We research key phrases to see which ones deliver the most (and best targeted) traffic as part of a key word strategy before implementing SEO tactics, so our clients get results that impact sales. We won’t promise you top of page one, but we’ll design and implement an SEO program that uses proven techniques to help maximize visibility of your Internet real estate.

A more robust SEM program includes SEO, pay per click advertising and social media tactics. Ask us how a comprehensive SEM marketing program can help your business leverage today’s technology to reach, engage and convert more prospects into loyal customers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay per click advertising is a great way to get your site to the top of page one searches in a flash, however it is not advisable for all situations, and we advise our clients accordingly. Getting a good ROI may, or may not, be possible, depending on a lot of factors including 1) Average sale amount, 2) Competition for bids, 3) degree of key word targeting possible, and more. In many cases, it’s used to create leads and bring them into the sales funnel for conversion further down the road. With Google Analytics, we can track a prospects behavior against goals in the conversion process.

The beauty of pay per click advertising is that you can track results precisely, experiment, fine tune, scale up or down, and turn the campaign off and on instantly. It’s a great way to test messaging, markets and targeted keywords. It’s also an effective way to capitalize on time-sensitive issues and events. For example, a company that sells tornado shelters can quickly turn a campaign on when tornadoes are making news, and turn it off when the perceived need dies down.

Tell us about your goals, and we’ll tell you if pay per click advertising is right for you. Call now for a no obligation consultation. 816.366.0199.