Superior Surface Solutions is Kansas City’s premiere supplier of concrete polishing equipment, supplies and diamond tools. Renown for their Vortex Polishing system, SSS recently introduced a second generation rubber dot technology – DiamaDot™ Concrete Polishing System. DiamaDots feature a proprietary diamond matrix formulation and dot design that permits better water flow to reduce slurry clogging. The wedge-shaped rubber diamond dots also provide longer life and superior edge refinement with greater diamond concentration toward the edge of the pad. These 2nd generation resin dots are available ONLY through Superior Surface Solutions.

Superior Surface Solutions Concrete Polishing Kansas City Superior Surface solutions is also blazing a new trail in concrete polishing with its transitional resins and polishing pads.

The new resin diamond pads are cut aggressively and have longer life for a lower total cost than other polishing pads. Typically fast cutting diamond pads wear more quickly, while longer life polishing pads are slower cutting because of their harder bond. The proprietary resin and hybrid technology delivers both fast cutting and long life, with unmatched gloss compared to other polishing pads.

Superior Surface Solutions lives up to their name by giving concrete polishing contractors a broad array of innovative concrete polishing products including:

DiamaShine™ Polisher/Burnisher – The only burnisher specifically designed for wet burnishing concrete floors with diamond impregnated pads. Get 80+ points of gloss on concrete floors for little more than the cost of densifying and burnishing, on hard-troweled concrete floors.

DiamaShine™ Polisher/Edger – Use the DiamaShine Polisher/Edger for surface prep, grinding and polishing concrete floors. Changing configurations is fast and easy with the 17″ Magnetic Quick Change Grinding Attachment and Deluxe Pad Driver.

Vortex Propane Polisher – The Vortex Polisher’s impressive ability to follow floor contours allows it to polish with outstanding clarity and high sheen, while preserving the hard troweled surface cream.

DiamaKrete™ Polish Grout – This fast setting polishable grout readily accepts most stains and dyes and requires no special polishing procedures. The polymer modified, high-strength modified cement provides outstanding bond strength, formulated specifically to fill in small cracks, pinholes and surface irregularities in concrete floors to produce the highest quality polish on concrete floors.

DiamaKrete™ Polishable Mortar – This fast setting repair mortar is specifically engineered for polished concrete floors. The polymer modified high-strength repair mortar has exceptional bond strength to repair spalls and joints. It readily accepts most stains and dyes, and can be polished in less than 90 minutes.

Slurry Control & Clean Up Products – Slurry Separator and Slurry Dry give concrete contractors an environmentally friendly way to control and dispose of slurry from polishing, cutting and grinding concrete with diamond tools. Slurry Separator gives concrete contractors a fast, one-step process for separating slurry into water and sludge, for safe and cost efficient clean up and disposal. Slurry Dry gives concrete contractors a convenient way to contain water/slurry run-off on the job site, saving time and avoiding costly clean up costs.

Surface Preparation Products – Pull from Kansas City’s largest inventory of concrete surface prep tools and supplies including brushes, buckets, microfiber mops, mixing paddles, rags and wipes, roller covers and frames, scrapers, spike shoes, squeegees, tape, trowels and more.

Chemicals for Concrete – Choose from the industry’s best selection of professional concrete contractors chemicals including cleaners, dyes, densifiers, overlay and repair materials, sealers, strippers and more.

Equipment for Concrete Contractors – Superior Surface Solutions carries a wide array of equipment and accessories for concrete polishing professionals including the DiamaShine™ Polisher/Burnisher, DiamaShine™ Polisher/Edger, Vortex Propane Polisher, Planetary Grinders, Buffers and Burnishers, Dust Collectors/HEPA Vacuums, Power Tools, Sprayers and more.

Superior Surface Solutions also provides on-site training in their Kansas City headquarters, which is centrally located for cost-effective shipping across the Unites States. Off-site training is also available upon request.