PBIS Teaching Tools provides Mascot-centric Roll Out Kits for schools with Positive Behavior Intervention and Support programs. The PBIS Roll Out Kits included a wide array of visual aids, including clipart, posters, banners, gotcha rewards, street signs, calendars, t-shirts, hats and other printed apparel. Every visual aid features the school’s mascot acting as a role model to demonstrate the positive behaviors targeted in the school’s PBIS program. Everything is customized for each school by professional designers.

The mascot-centric approach helps schools build an engaging culture centered around something children readily gravitate to – the school’s mascot. More than just a silly character, used for drumming up school spirit, the mascot is used as a role model to demonstrate positive behavior. The students become part of a mascot community and learn critical social skills that help them navigate within the group with greater success.

When a child identifies as a tiger, eagle, lion (or whatever their mascot is) there is a set of rules and expectations associated with being part of the mascot’s club, or community. The rules are controlled by the educators, and the mascot gives them a compelling, and engaging, tool for implementing the rules. The rules give students a clear set of guidelines to help them enjoy the maximum benefits of being part of the group: having friends and enjoying relationships primarily. The child has a huge built-in set of motivations for being part of the group. Rules are embraced, and reinforced when used in the decision making process, and positive things happen as a result. It’s a formula that works!

The instant a child utters the words, “I am a tiger,” something almost magical happens. This simple affirmation actually shapes their self-image, and it’s psychologically proven that humans tend to act very consistently with their self-image. When an educator controls the tiger, they control very important real estate in the child’s mind – a portion of that child’s self image.

Eagle Bathroom Rules Poster-PBIS
This is a sample PBIS rule poster showcasing the eagle mascot demonstrating positive behavior in the bathroom.


PBIS Teaching Tools gives educations an array of visual aids to help them leverage their mascot to create a vibrant, healthy and engaging learning environment. To date, we have PBIS Roll Out Kits for more than 45 of the most popular mascots, and we’re adding to our product offering daily. At the center of each kit is a set of clipart illustrations featuring the mascot doing a variety of school related activities. These images are ideal for designing yearbooks, posters, banners, t-shirts, bulletins and a wide assortment of communications. We also have Behavior Clipart Sets that feature the mascot demonstrating positive behaviors such as respect, responsibility, diversity, anti-bullying, safety and more. These images are designed specifically to support PBIS programs.

In addition to the clipart sets, we also provide custom designed posters and banners around a school’s specific PBIS program. See everything we offer at PBISteachingtools.com. Come help us make the world a better place, one positive example at-a-time!