Every company has a story it tells in order to convince people to spend their money with them. How well you tell that story has everything to do with your success. That story is your lightning. It powers your business.

We find the best version of the story is usually locked up inside a key player’s head – typically the president, sales or marketing manager. These individuals typically get pulled in so many directions that the story gets lost, watered down or neglected. That’s where we come in. We collect facts from key players and weaving them into a compelling tale that is provocative, enlightening and motivating. Then we package that story in Web site, video, brochure, or whatever “bottle” works best for your company, so we can distribute it in front of the right people. Once you’re telling the right story, the right way and getting it in front of the right people, you will succeed!

Is your lightning showing up like a flash of brilliance that prospects marvel at from thousands of miles away, or is it a tiny spark lost in a sprawling storm of competition?